Saturday, April 21, 2012

It Happened at the World's Fair

Another 50th anniversary:  The Seattle World's Fair!  Where will it be next?  New York... Chicago... Paris...Knoxville... New Orleans... San Francisco... London... Montreal... (Is it my imagination, or did the U.S. have an unfair advantage?)  When Seattle was announced, the whole Northwest went crazy!  TV commercials beckoned us to Pack up your troubles and head to the FAIR!  Dad didn't want to take us... he didn't do well with crowds - always surrounded by autograph mongers... but people weren't going to the World's Fair to see Addie Bobkins... they were going to see the Space Needle!!  America's version of the Eiffel Tower!  And the Monorail... and maybe, just maybe we could catch a glimpse of King Elvis just hanging out eating an ice cream cone between takes...
Elvis Presley at the Seattle's World Fair
Because dad was a disc jockey, I was the first on the block to croon Good Luck Charm - couldn't he pull some strings and get me a part on this movie?
Please Elvis, pick me!
Elvis Presley in It Happened at the Worlds Fair

Of course some people actually went to the futuristic exhibits to see what we now so casually call SKYPE!
But back then... sheesh... we didn't even have push button dialing yet.
I still remember my first phone number ALPINE 2-0694
and I even remember my grandmother's - she had the best - ATLANTIC 1-4646

We finally made it to the top of the Space Needle... nobody even recognized dad.
I think he was sad about that.
As we drive up the I-5 on our way to visit family up and down it's corridor,
the Space Needle stands proudly above the Seattle Skyline... 
One day on our travels to the north, we will stop at the Seattle Center... 
Unfortunately, along with Menopause came a lovely fear of heights,
so I will enjoy that Space Needle from the ground, thank you very much.
I wonder if the roller coaster is still there?  
Maybe we can catch a glimpse of Elvis... I could happen!

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