Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fools - Church in Bed!

My granddaughter giggled when I told her we were having "CHURCH IN BED" 
Nope... it's true... we are snuggling and watching CONFERENCE!

This is my absolute favorite time of year - General Conference - the first Sunday in October and April - when the Prophet and Apostles speak to us directly from Salt Lake via television, radio, satellite.  With breakfast and journal on my lap, I am ready to snuggle in and indulge myself for the next few hours... to feel that "whenever two or more of you are gathered" feeling... even over the TV/Internet airwaves I feel it... and nothing compares.  Watching it live, along with millions around the globe...We bow our heads in prayer... then the Tabernacle Choir sings.  I don't always care for choir music... but there is something about it at conference time.  Maybe it's the spirit I feel, combined with the angelic voices, that carries me to a new realm, readying my mind for the words I will hear... softening my heart to leave behind  worries and worldly craziness... so it can gently embrace new thoughts... new ways of looking at things... new ways to LOVE ONE ANOTHER...

I am spiritually FED by many... but usually one talk will stand out in my heart.
This time, it was Elder Dieter Uchkdorf (Who loves him - raise your hand!)
He gave a powerful message based on two simple words:
Forgive others (everyone)... rid your heart of bitterness... STOP judging...
Do I envy someone?  STOP IT!  Do I hold a grudge?  STOP IT!   
It is an old message with a new twist... 
It is easy to love those who love us, but how about that nasty neighbor?
A talented techie already put it into poster format:

I relish the words I heard today... and pray I can let go of old wounds...
forgive those who trespass against me,

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