Tuesday, December 01, 2015

BARBIE taught me how to DREAM!

When I turned 5, ALL I WANTED was a Shirley Temple Doll...  
Grammy Mim searched the blooming town for one, but came up empty handed.  
In hopes of appeasing me, she "settled" on a new Doll in Town... BARBIE

 I will forever be grateful for that turn of events...
My Tiny Tears went into storage.
Barbie and I became inseparable... the Best Best Friend I could ask for!

She didn't judge... didn't argue... could see Ken whenever she wanted, but didn't NEED him... Barbie could DO or BE ANYTHING!

I didn't care about her boobs... in fact, Skipper caused me more
trauma with her perfectly straight hair!

Barbie was happy living in a cardboard house, with cardboard furniture and cardboard albums...  

She drove a cool pink plastic convertible,
and had a wardrobe of handmade clothing 
(many of them matching my handmade dresses). 

I lived out my fantasies through Barbie... dreamed of all the things I would do when I grew up.  When my baby cousin chewed her hand, I pretended she had an encounter with a lion while on Safari in Africa! 

Sometimes it involved Ken, but she usually preferred to be alone... just like me.  
You see... we moved a LOT.  Oregon, California, Texas, back to Cali and Oregon... 
I attended TEN different schools while my dad pursued his acting career. (Yes, I said TEN!)
I didn't live anywhere long enough to establish those long-term bonds...
My ONE CONSTANT was BARBIE... and she never let me down.

Apparently, that was the vision of the original creator of the Barbie Doll:

"My whole philosophy of Barbie was that, through the doll, the girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices. "
Ruth Handler - Barbie Creator

I received flack from my peers by encouraging my own daughters' love of Barbie Dolls.
They believed it would cause distorted body images...
but I know better...   

Barbie taught me to DREAM...  the gift that kept on giving! 
(Thank you Grammy Mim!)

2015 Barbie Ad Campaign is a WINNER

Dream on...

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