Friday, February 24, 2012


KISN Radio returns to the internet airwaves tonight!
Full of silly oldies... commercials... and old clips of classic DJ fun!  
Dad (Addie Bobkins) had a short but eventful stint with them from '62 - '64
From noon to 3:00 pm daily he KIS'D his fans before heading to KPTV for his live TV show...

Even listening to the test phase is giving me goose bumps!

Thanks to Gino Rossi - we have some classic moments captured on film!
Addie and Feather in the KISN window

Feather is the fifth Beatle!

I have his box of 45's around here somewhere...

Here's to you dad... a great birthday present!
I know you are on my shoulder listening... laughing... and dancing
Enjoy the fun... I'll be cracking open the virtual champagne with you all!

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