Thursday, February 02, 2012

Missing daddy...

I miss daddy every day.  I miss his daily emails with a long story, or a short "boogaloo!"  

This month, we think of him a little more.  
He died on February 2nd (2005) and was born on February 22 (1932).  

This photo was the last time we saw him, Thanksgiving 2004.  
It seems as if he knew something was wrong. 
 He was having pains that were attributed to "pulling a muscle at the chiropractor."  
The pains got worse.  When he got home to Oregon, on December 2nd the doctor announced, 
"Oops - I guess it isn't a pulled muscle after all.
You have Melanoma and it has spread to your bones.  Get your affairs in order." 

He was gone exactly two months later. 

My youngest daughter shares her birthday with him... 
we try not to focus on his death, but on his crazy, wonderful life, and the laughter he brought to us all!  

He was Addie Bobkins to everyone else, but my kids only knew him as "Grampa Bob."

We often wonder why things happen in our lives.  
Sometimes we get our answer sooner... sometimes later... sometimes never.  
This is one example of sooner!

Dad was desperate to come meet his first great-granddaughter, 
and that was the reason for the Thanksgiving visit!

I wondered why... and then I knew.
If she had not been born at that time, we may not have seen my father before he died.  
I will forever be grateful for the "grand plan" that brought Jocelyn into our lives...
at that perfect moment in time...

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