Friday, March 16, 2012

In Front of Mimi's Fireplace

28 years ago today I was questioning my sanity... doubting my decision.
Will I be a good stepmother? 
Will I go crazy living with anyone, must less THREE members of the male species?  
Would I have to sell my Condo?  All day long I pondered what the hell I was doing.  
Since relatives were filling up my grandmother's house, I spent the day alone.  Bad idea.
Then it started raining.  They say that's a sign of good luck.  I hope so.
I piled the stereo into my Bug and headed out... 
racing like a maniac over the river and through the woods...
and true to form, arrived in the nick of time.
I dreamed of being married in front of Grammy Mim's fireplace since I was 3 years old...
This was the dress my Aunt Barbara wore as my mother's Maid of Honor!
At 29, I was being scuttled into my grandmother's bedroom to get dressed,
having a major anxiety attack!
I felt someone pushing me down a hill... I couldn't stop... couldn't breathe.
Dad tried to calm me down... then Mimi finally (and literally) kicked me 
through the swinging doors that opened up to the dining room. 
As I turned the corner I saw Marcel, my best friend, 
standing where I always dreamed he would be...
in front of Mimi's Fireplace...

March 16, 1984 - in front of Mimi's fireplace... right where I belong
Happy Anniversary to us!

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