Friday, August 10, 2012

Because I'm WORTH IT!

Why do we have such a hard time treating ourselves?
We buy boxes at the grocery store to cover the grey...
at the GROCERY STORE!   Just to save a few dollars.
We should allow ourselves a little pampering...
Come on... you know the shampoo alone is worth GOLD!

It has taken me years to learn this... I am still learning.  Pampering goes a long way toward our mental health.
When my husband goes hunting,
he doesn't agonize over the money spent on the license.
He focuses on his camaraderie with nature and friends,
and comes back a NEW MAN!

I have never indulged in ballet season tickets... or the opera.
I have cancelled plans to reunions because of money.
I have missed opportunities to visit family because of money.
Is visiting family considered splurging?  I think not...

Where do you like to sit?
So recently I started treating myself to a few little things...
like movies!
I get free popcorn for the year, and have a dollar drink cup.

What is that - Less than $10?
CHEAP - with HUGE payoff!

If only I had learned this sooner...
but no regrets, remember?

For years I felt resentful of money my husband spent...

Season Tickets to the Cardinals... Cuban Cigars... Big Screen Televisions...
Now I have to admit there were a few years that I made some bad choices...
Those days are over... and I have no reason to feel guilty anymore!  But old habits die hard.
My sewing machine for example - I bought a new one recently.
My old one has lasted 25 years!  Much longer than a football season...
Yet I hid it for a few weeks before "confessing."

Today I splurged on a little trinket for my wrist (the big chunky silver one).
It was under $30 - that's only 1/3 of a box of cigars.

No RED HATS for this old gal... 

Order it on Etsy Here
Now... maybe for some diamonds and pearls!

Don't get carried away Deb...
* * * * * * * * * *


Taylor Morgan is an amazing girl... 
I know, I know... she is a grown up, married woman.  
But to me, she is still a young girl... with her whole life ahead of her, 
going full speed ahead after her dreams!  
She is grounded in her faith... loved by her family (especially her adorable husband)... 
working hard to get through school, so she can start her dream business!
She is SPLURGING on school - an INVESTMENT in her FUTURE and her SOUL!
They pay exorbitant rent in the heart of New York City - and LOVE IT!

Source: via Debbie on Pinterest

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