Friday, October 14, 2011

The Hunt for Halloween

Ribbon Pumpkins - The Autocrat

This blog is such a work in progress... similar to my house... my life... my soul...  in my search to find Deborahrah I am searching for things to make my house feel like a home.
The weather has turned and reminds us of why we love it here - the windows are open - birds are chirping and for most of the country it means turn on the heat,
but for us it means open the windows, HALLOWEEN is almost here!
With granddaughter living with us - the fun of decorating for the holidays has begun!  
I think we shall go Goodwill Hunting today to find some old silver candlesticks
and some other goodies to decorate our mantle & piano with!
I love the elegance of the silver mixed with the fun stuff... 
and don't you love these pumpkins!  
We live in the desert, so cutting pumpkins, if not done on Halloween DAY just doesn't work! 
 This is perfect - and Jocey will go crazy helping me with this!

Pinterest is my new obsession - and has given me a place to organize my thoughts.
If I see something inspiring, I PIN IT!
If I stare at them long enough, they might come to fruition!
I can't find the source for the top photo... sorry about that.
Come PIN with me!

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