Monday, November 25, 2013

We all have ISSUES

I've cross-addicting my whole life in various and assorted anxiety-avoiding ways.
Three years ago I kind of hit that "bottom" you hear about (understatement).  
Knowing what MY bottom was, isn't as important as knowing that I have climbed out of that pit of darkness, and practice coping techniques I learned in an intensive therapy program.  We could argue all day about which addiction is worse... 
but let's just agree we all have issues...
I have been asked how I conquered mine.
But you don't CONQUER an addiction.
You subdue it... tolerate it... live with it... learn to control your triggers (urges).
But it is always lurking around the next corner,
Ready to attack... begging you to return...

There a few tricks I learned to help me deal with my daily (hourly) triggers!  But I have to admit, sometimes a good old fashioned TANTRUM is just what the doctor ordered - just do it in the privacy of your home, or you might be hauled off in handcuffs!  
Here are three of my daily rituals that really, truly help:

1. ALONE TIME every morning!
This is my MOST important ritual.
Grab a cup of herbal tea... write in a journal... meditate... pray...
Don't be intimidated by those words.  My journal is just a compilation of thoughts.... goals... lists of things to be done... lists of things I did already... even doodling...  just let your mind wander... and meditating is just quietly BEING... breathing and listening to the things around you... allowing that "still small voice" to get through... 5 minutes... an hour... whatever you need... but ALONE


As the daughter of a ballet teacher, I learned the importance of stretching at a very young age.  I'm not talking yoga, just some nice DEEP morning stretches.   It increases the circulation... keeps us flexible... helps reduce stress... 
and just hurts so good!
Stretch like a CAT!
This should probably be #1 - Just smile more... it is contagious to others, and most importantly, to ourselves!
My second daughter came out smiling and has never stopped!
If your goal is less worry... less stress... more HAPPY...
try starting the day with a SMILE...

My smiling daughter, Carly Simone Fischer, captured on film by her smiling sister, Melissa (Emjay Photography)
Come on... just try it!
I'd love to see you smile...


  1. Great post helps me....I love Randy Newman!

    1. I was a Highland Dancer in high school... so being called "Lass" really made me smile! Randy Newman is so great... I have so much fun finding the perfect music to go with my little posts... and it it nice to have a comment once in awhile. Thank you so much Ms. Lochness! Love your Profile Pic!


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