Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gin Rummy Popcorn...

In the 70's life changed for us.
  Dad was no longer in show business.  We moved back to Portland.
We were broke. 
A lot of cool things can happen when you're broke... 
the best thing was the Addie Bobkins Cocoon broke away, 
and from it, emerged "Bob the Dad"!  
A dad who could go on vacations with us... 
a dad who could relax and have "Gin Rummy Popcorn" on Saturday afternoons!
RECIPE:  Pop some Old Fashioned Popcorn
smother it in butter, find an old black and white movie, start dealing!  Deal quickly before your opponent can organize their cards... make funny noises to fake them out... laugh till you pee!  I absolutely LOVED our lazy afternoons together.
He tried to teach me how to count cards, but to no avail. 
He DID succeed in instilling a love of movies!   Comedies... dramas... musicals... mysteries... it didn't matter!  While our buttery fingers slithered on the Bicycle Cards,
I learned the wonders of Abbot & Costello... Humphrey Bogart... Katherine Hepburn... Fred Astaire... Judy... Marilyn... Frank...

Happy Father's Day Daddy
Vertigo is on!
You deal...

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